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We are confident that we can provide better and competitive pricing and customer service. We would be honored to sit with you to discuss our needed services in detail and to provide the free estimate on any roofing or siding services you may require. For sure, All of our quotes are supplied free of charge and are under no obligation. FLAT Roofing Services At Passion Roofing, we specialize in not only providing roofing for residential homes, but also for commercial and industrial businesses. Many businesses are built with a flat roof, which means it is important for a professional to regularly inspect and repair it due buy essay online cheap to the increased risk of piling snow and leaks. A built up roof or (bur) is an old roofing system that is still being used today for flat roofs. It is a roofing system that consists of multiple layers of paper felt, imbedded with asphalt, glued together with hot tar, and protected from the sun by a topping of gravel. When thinking of doing a built up roof, it’s important to consider the quality of the materials being used as well as how experienced the contractor is. The professionals at Passion Roofing have serviced more then 500 customr since 2002. Mopped and/or Torch down Modified Bitumen Modified Bitumen, sometimes referred to as rubber, is a waterproof sheet factory made from asphalt and reinforced with a high strength mesh. The sheets are applied by torching or by asphalt mopping the first sheet (base sheet), so that each sheet is sealed to the next and to the substrate. The next layer is torched to the first layer in a similar manner. The final sheet (cap sheet) usually has granules similar to shingles, meant to stop the sun from removing the oils from the sheets. Although some contractors apply only one sheet, two or three sheets are recommended for durability. If you are considering flat roofing for your Toronto home or business with a flat or low sloped roof, torch down is used for both. Extra precaution must be taken while doing torch down. Proper precaution ensures that the membranes are well bonded, not overheated and substantially reduce the risk of fire. At Passion Roofing, our roofers will walk you through the process and educate you before beginning a job so you understand your investment. Peel and Stick Modified Bitumen Modified Bitumen sheets are also available with an adhesive side which can be installed on the substrate without torching. Subsequent layers are then torched to the peel and stick membrane.

Shingled Roofing Services

First line of defence for a home against weather attck is your roof. Quality of work done on your roof is Vital. Passion Roofing is here to help you in making the right decision, Our knowledge and experience will be there for right material and and brand. Asphalt- One of the most popular choice, for sure. There are a few reasons for this; Asphalt is durable, affordable, come in a many of colors, easily repairable and life span of this Asphalt is longer in the colder weather. Cedar- If beauty is what you are looking for, this is the right choice. Cedar is one the beautiful shingles have a blond or reddish color when installed, but over time they tend to turn light gray. These shingles are not only known for their beauty and durability, but are also great at reducing heating and cooling costs, because they act are an additional layer of insulation. So in those cold Canadian winters, they help us maintaining lower utility bills. Installation cost a bit more, but have more resistance power in withstanding rain/storms. Their life span vc30-50 years. Slate – Its made from a fine grained rock and look extremely cool. There is a variety of colors they come in and are extremely fire resistant. Slate are good for extreme climates and don’t fade. Slate is heavier material than other common asphalt shingle and therefore requires a stronger roof structure and subject to a bit more installation cost If installed by professionals, their average life span is 100+ years. Metal – This sleek design seems to be a common favourite for homeowners for many reasons. For eco friendly homeowners, these are easily recyclable. They are a light weight material which makes them easy to install. They have a high performance rating with insurance companies because of their durability and fire resistance. Regardless of what you may have heard, this material is no noisier then any other roofing material. This choice will not buy essay papers only beautify your home but also add tremendous value. If properly installed, your roof will last 50+ years. Clay Tiles – This option has been around for years and with that being said, is proof that they are very durable and can withstand the test of time. They bring a very unique look to the home and continue this look as they age. The tile will not fade from rain or look sun bleached after being subject to our hot summers. The nice thing about clay is that it has an ability to act like a form of insulation. This will help keep your house cooler during the summer months and warmer in the winter. Clay is a much heavier material than your average asphalt shingle and therefore requires a very strong roof structure to sustain the weight.

SIDING Services Passion Roofing Siding Passion Calgaryoffers siding services in Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer and Saskatoon Installing siding add value to your property while also effective in the overall energy efficiency of your home. But if you only think of siding as vinyl planks in neutral colours—think again. There is variety of SIDING to choose from Vinyl Siding There are lots of benefits of Vinyl Siding. For some families, it is a cost effective exterior solution that requires little maintenance. The cost savings alone make it worth considering. Although, you don’t have to sacrifice versatility: It comes in many styles like scallop siding and shake siding. Canexel Siding For a colder weather Canexel Siding would be a better choice, for sure. The acrylic latex finish is baked on so that it doesn’t chip, peel, or crack, no matter how low the thermometer dips in winter. You will have more color options to choose from. James Hardie Plank Siding Another versatile choice for exterior siding, James Hardie Plank offers the choice of a smooth or wood grain finish. Strapping is not required in order to install the siding over one-inch insulation, so you will save both time and money in putting up this type of siding. Cultured Stone Its is artificial stone siding comes in many types, sizes, and shapes of stones, as well as different order of stone. Its comparatively very simple to install over stucco and other exterior materials, and it is suitable to withstand the worst that winter and summer in Canada can throw in its direction. Estimates and Warranties. Its comes with both, a Guarantee from Passion Roofing Professionals and Manufacturers.

For EMERGENCY REPAIRS Services: 24 Hour Service Caulking- Roof Repairs- Vents- Eavestrough- Down Pipe – Flashing Whether it be a complete roof replacement or a simple leak repair, we are here to serve all of your roofing needs.And as always, satisfaction is guaranteed. We are here to provide you a free estimate from one of our qualified estimators. Please email us at

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